Children at Play

by DotDotDot-SheLovesMeNot

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    Songs of love lost and challenges of growing up.

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(free) 04:23


Songs of love lost and the challenges of growing up.


released 18 June 2013
Tracked/Mixed - Donald Hewitt
Mastered - Treelady Studios, Pittsburgh, PA



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Britney
Two weeks
Only met once and the antique
Morals we live by do not apply
We are justified
To be head over heels
On our tip toes shaking from our true awakening
Track Name: Cast Me Away
Your voice fills my head as my eyes are peeled at the ceiling
I cannot sleep
My head is filled with a plethora of memories
Of that night
Laying in the grass
Feeling so alive
And our fingers laced tightly your lips against mine make me feel
Like we’re alone in this world the earth don’t spin time stands still

Will you take my life cast me away
By now you should know that you mean everything to me
If you give me your heart then
I will always stay true
The note in my hands reads, “I love you.”

I know I’ve done wrong in the past.
I’ve crushed your soul
But not that you’re here I’ll hold you close
I regret the mistakes I’ve made you say,
“Forget the apologies, they’re not sincere. You’re not sincere.”
Well the look in your eyes your head on my chest makes me say,
“My God! I’m going to marry this girl someday”

Stay, don’t go
Hear the tone in my voice
When I say, “I’m here”
This time it’s sincere
Track Name: Community Property (NKS)
Those lips I crave are so far away
You seem so oblivious to the way I feel about you
Countless night I wrote your name and scratched it out for a separate meaning
Not you, not you, not you
It’s cool. I’ll sit here pretending like I don’t crave you
Not you, not you, like I’m supposed to

These blind, “I love you’s”
You turn your cheek

“I’m so sorry,” printed boldly next to, “I love you”
“Don’t go, don’t leave.” I’m begging you, begging you, begging you

What ever happened to, “when you need me you can call me”
Well that vanished when I need you the most
It’s cool. I’ll sit here pretending like I don’t love you, like I’m supposed to
So, why did I ever fall for you, for you

You’re asking yourself the same thing
Why did you fall for me?

You’re killing me, killing me, killing me
You know this kills me
I hope you love me
You know this kills me
You kill me
Track Name: El Acoustico San Francisco
Tonight couldn’t get much better
I’d probably die of happiness and optimism
Towards the future

And it’s not my fault the room is spinning
It’s not my fault you’re not breathing
This breathing gets harder when those brown eyes stare back into mine

And time goes slower, slower
And my heart beat goes faster, faster

It’s getting dark and too damn late
And as I struggle to stay awake
She lustfully whispers, “I love you.”
Caressing every sound that enters my ear
Lighting the bulb above my head

And now her breathing's getting louder, harder, louder
Inside she’s screaming, “faster, faster”
And now she’s screaming, “harder, faster, harder”
And tonight couldn’t get much better
Track Name: There's an I in Win
Envy, the sin that fuels my brain
You’re the one to blame
Above you the stars fall like rain
The sky will never seem the same

And it’s hard to see the world with your eyes close
And hear me scream your name
When I’m the lonely glass pawn of your sick game
Best friends are just worst enemies with common interests
There isn’t an “I” in team
There’s an “I” in win

Our tale, a secret kept with friends
Affection all depends
On closed doors and teenage trends
All is fair in love and war
So this is war, this is war, this is…
Track Name: In a Good Way
It’s not the same without you here
Can you believe you’re the air I breathe
And when I fall asleep you’re the girl of my dreams
And when I wake up in the morning I will pray for the one day

That you’ll be here with me
And you’ll say, “I love you this way
And I miss you more than anything”
You’re a hard habit to break
Because you changed me in a good way
Track Name: Better Left Unsaid
She said, “Don’t bother calling.
I probably won’t pick up the phone
I have to take a shower and lay myself to a beautiful slumber.”
So, I give her a call
It says, “Ring, ring welcome to Verizon Wireless
You can leave a message after the beep.”

What should I say?
Oh my, my, my how fine you look tonight
What should I say?
I’m calling to say that I love goodnight. No.
What should I say?
Should I tell her? Should I tell her? Should I tell her?

Should I tell her that I still love her?
Should I tell her that I still care?
Never mind this will catch on fire burning towards the ground
Some things are better left unsaid
That’s right girl, some things are better left unsaid
Track Name: Anyone But Me
Staying up ‘til 2am biting my nails wondering how long this could last
The expiration date on this relationship claims this will end soon
This will end soon

I’m starting to lose grasp of everything
That keeps me sane and safe

This might sound sour rolling off of my tongue
I wish I was him. I wish I was him
Not me, not someone you can’t trust at all
Not someone who will break your heart
Not me, anyone but me

The tears rolling down your face screaming, “Trust me”
Don’t mean a thing to me
Cause I said that several times, wrote it down
And I sang it for you

Oh babe, how cute you look
When you play dumb with me

I’m lying to you
I’m lying to myself
Hiding behind these words
This song is not about you
Track Name: How Are You
Is this it? Is this what we’ve been waiting for?
Nothing and everything all at once
Is it me or is this just a waste of my time? Is it a waste of yours?
‘Cause to tell you the truth I would do anything for you
I would die for you
And although you may think I’m feeding you a plethora of bullshit and lies
This couldn’t be further from the truth

Is this broken or can we fix this?
Either way it is not good news
How are you?

Is it me or is the room still spinning?
‘Cause when the rain goes up and the dew goes down and these colors aren’t friendly
It’s like having a 3 million 6 thousand 7 hundred 89 pack of Crayola crayons
Good news is over-rated anyways
Track Name: Something for Now
We’re friends, we’re only just friends but,
I’ll pull out the pictures and say that
“You look so great that night. You really made my night.”
You claim you can read me like a book but,
You can’t read that you’re tearing us apart and
Whoever thought that playing hard to get could be so fun?

Talk is cheap when you see what could be
Talk is cheap, talk is cheap
So, why does this stand still exist?
Why do you always insist
That we were never cut out for this?
Never cut out for, never cut out for this, never cut out for
This un-kept promise is unexpected

You knew you were trouble
As soon as you touched these lips of mine
One last time
Picture yourself
Lying on the ground from a self-mutilated injury
From nothing more, a broken heart an un-kept promise
Being pulled by a leash that’s tied too damn tight
Laughing at the face of the noose that you tied at my neck
Track Name: Kissing Kera
Heresy, blasphemy, sacrilege and sin
As demonic as it sounds, who cares who wins
Because, right and wrong do not apply in the rules of this selfish game
Beside, we both know I’d break laws for you
And me, myself, John and I are thinking of creative words to write for you

Because, you are a down to earth girl from above
And I’m falling even more and more for you
This love is killing me and
This kills me
You kill me
Listen, I love you
Do you love me too?

I hope you love me too
Confuse, delusion, illusion, introduction
Hypothesis: You fall in love. Conclusion: you fall apart
Either way he’s winning and just either way I’m losing
You get off without one sigh
And I know we need our time
I know we need our space
But I don’t have much time until my heart stops

Speaking of time
If I could fast-forward or rewind
I’d relive that night
That one faithful night with that
Faithful bliss, meaningful, meaningless faithful-less kiss

Words cannot fathom
How I feel right now
So I’ll use numbers instead
A million, a zillion, a billion, a trillion times the roman X and
You fall in love, you fall apart
I had my chance I blew it and
That’s why I take my chances
I hope you love me too
I just hope you love me too